Thursday, April 17, 2008

Local Cable Scoop: Yet Another International Spiritual Leader May Visit

Harlingen, TX: There must be something in the water.

First, as widely reported, Pope Benedict is visiting the President and thousands of Catholics on the East Coast. Second, the Dalai Lama is making his way via Seattle to Rochester, MN, giving Tibetan Buddhists support in trying times for their home nation.

But now, local cable Channel 83, UPN Ahora!, has a scoop: The current Archbishop of Canterbury, the Right Reverend Rowan Williams, may be visiting a local Harlingen Episcopal Church this weekend.

"Frankly, we're surprised," said anchor and local UPN Ahora! reporter Mike Trulillo. "First, that we got the scoop...I guess others were focused elsewhere. And second, that we had an Episcopal Church in Southern Texas."

Plans have been "hush-hush," said a confidential source. "Archbishop Williams apparently didn't want this to look like he was trying to step on The Pope or Dalai Lama's lines, so to speak. But then again, people have been so warm and welcoming to these religious leaders. He hasn't gotten any of that love from his own congregation or country in a while, so he thought it may be nice to hop across the pond."

Trulillo said UPN Ahora! was on top of the story. "We're actually thinking ahead, that this may be a pattern. I mean, who knows what other spiritual giants will try to fly into the country this week. But we're on it. As our station's motto says: We care, because honestly, we know you don't."


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