Monday, April 21, 2008

Overheard Singing Amid The Papal Throngs In NYC

(Apparently many were inspired. Sing to the tune of "New York, New York")

Start spreading th' good news (softshoe shuffle)
I'm leaving today (softshoe, twirl, bam!)
I want to share a part in God! - New York, New York!
These dust laden shoes (tappity tappity tap)
are longing to stray (hey, hold on, this is good)
Right through the very heart of God! - New York, New York

I wanna "wake up" in a Savior that never sleeps
And find I'm on top of that hill - light shining bright - salt of the earth and a-praisin' so deep

(drumroll, spontaneous kickline)
These full-of-sin blues
are melting away
I'm gonna start anew with God! - in old New York!
And if I can make it up there, I'll make it anywhere (...that matters!)
It's up to God! - New York, New York!


Posting will be light the next two weeks: end of semester grading. Peace!

(I want to be a part of it!!)


Chris said...

I'm pretty sure that humor of this exquisite caliber merits '20 years off for good behavior' in Purgatory.

(joining the kickline and belting it out....)

Allen's Brain said...

"softshoe, twirl, bam": Nice!
Liturgical dancing takes a weird, weird turn!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Dancing in the street, Allen, not the aisle...tappity tap....

Chris--thanks. maybe there's a kickline in purgatory!

LarryD said...

You should colloborate with Nick Alexander and get it recorded!

Paul Cat said...