Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Truth Is Stranger #76: Womenpriests caused my speeding ticket

And it gets better. This happened to ME.

I went to confession this past Saturday, and as I was the last person in line, our pastor asked afterward if he could talk to me about how a particular segment of the local community was handling the local news that a woman in town is planning to be participate in a ceremony she says will result in her being an ordained Catholic priest. So we had a discussion about local reaction, I left, and piled into the car with my son to do an errand.

Mulling over our conversation, and mulling, and mulling some more, I suddenly realized that a cop was behind me with the flashing red lights, and I'm assuming Pentecost hasn't come early. I pulled over, and the nice police officer said "Ma' you even know why I am pulling you over?" --Um, because I am inherently disturbed by bad Catholic teaching and practice and the way it divides communities? I dismissed articulating that answer rather quickly, smiled, and said, "Honestly, no."

43 in a 30 mph.

(sic's first comment when I got home and shared the news: "Well, that's a sin now.... You have to go back!" Geez, that state of grace felt great for two minutes.)

The cop was kind enough to make it a city ticket rather than a state it's $40 rather than $134. God's providence, no doubt.

But I think Womenpriests should pay for my ticket, darn it.


p.s. I'm still very swamped with grading, so posting will be light for the next week.

p.p.s. If anyone uses the midrash box to hash out grievances against this organization, raise and settle the debate around who is ordained, the state of the Church, liberal/conservative trash talk, or more, I will delete the comment. I'm getting enough of this locally this week! All sweetness and light on this blog....


LarryD said...

Welcome back, IC. Sorry about your ticket - your story highlights the importance of not being the last person in the confessional line!

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

BTW> The ticket wasn't a sin as the intent to commit the sin wasn't present. (Dominican perspective)
However, initentivenesss while driving?... Have to think about that one (happens often to me so I have an investment in this concideration...)

brandy101 said...

You think that's bad?

Not once, but TWICE when I was taking communion to the homebound I have gotten tickets- with Jesus IN THE CAR! LOL!!!!

I was chatting about it to my priest, and he theorized I must have been High on Jesus to not notice how heavy I was hitting the gas pedal!

Anonymous said...

Eight years ago I was returning to my home state to visit family. It was three months after my father's death. My three boys were in the van, sprawled in various positions, either asleep or reading.

My mind was on my father's funeral and the various family personalities that had reared their heads at the funeral. Suddenly, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the alien spaceship on my tail. Yikes.

I pulled over, yelled at the boys to sit up straight and not open their mouths, and was told I was going 75 in a 40 mph zone - during construction. Ouch.

I had missed it all, so absorbed was I in my thoughts. For a split second I considered throwing myself at his mercy due to the overwhelming grief over my father's death, but the moment passed and I took it like an adult.

You can bet my kids never let me live that down.

Allen's Brain said...

Maybe you could get a woman priest to hear your confession of speeding--and the explanation.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to say in confession
"I murdered someone...JUST KIDDING!"
that would be very awkward...

Catholic Audio said...

Why is it would-be priestesses don't want to change the form or matter of other sacraments? Why no Tequila Jell-O shooters for the mass (perhaps claiming intinction)? Why no Baptism in sand?

I simply have no idea what they would say to the idea. Saying 'no' would seem rather problematic for them to justify...

God Bless, and good to have you back.


fresca said...

This reminds me of the German hit movie of a few years ago, "Run, Lola, Run," which explores dramatically different scenarios that would happen to Lola if she left her apartment just a minute or two earlier or later.

If your pastor hadn't talked to you about the Womenpriests issue, you'd have left the church a few minutes (seconds?) earlier, and the traffic cop would have missed you.

So maybe the pastor should pay your speeding ticket!
(On the other hand, maybe something worse would have happened. Maybe you should take him to McDonalds...)