Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Christian Humor Links

I'm running into lots of new Catholic and/or Christian humor sites. Take a look:
  • B-Movie Catechism "One man's desperate attempt to reconcile his love of his Catholic faith with his passion for really, really bad movies."
  • The Brothers and Sisters of Perpetual Discernment A parody site on discerning Catholic religious vocations. Definitely soap-operatic: instead of "The Young and the Restless," think "The Young and Religious".
  • Nuns Having Fun Richard Glen Michael Davis, one of the authors of Growing Up Catholic, is behind this one.
  • Stuff Christians Like Very clever pokes at Christian (esp. Evangelical, it seems to me) culture.


Prodigal Jon said...

Thanks for mentioning my site, stuff christians like. Although I definitely have a protestant slant (because my dad is a baptist minister), I went to an all boys Catholic high school and may start doing some posts that relate to that experience.

Anyway, thanks for sharing some readers with me. I love the name of your blog. That's great

Nuns Having Fun Growing Up Catholic said...

What could be better than I mention on the Ironic Catholic? Or as we used to scream when something struck us funny, "How ironic!" Thanks.

Sister Caprice said...

Wow! Thanks for linking to us! We love Jesus, and although we're confused, every so often someone comes by and gives great advice! I'm in trouble all the time, though. * sigh *