Thursday, May 08, 2008

Multiple Choice Fun

I'm still grading, cleaning, meeting with committees, recovering from research projects, and getting ready for the upcoming graduation here at RSCU (really SMALL Catholic university). Plus my computer at home is on the fritz (...insert primal scream here...). So for my post: real multiple choice questions I have asked on my first year student exams. The course is a basic introduction to reading the Bible through theology.

  • The "woman clothed with the sun" in Revelation 12 is understood to symbolically represent... A. Mary B. Deborah C. Esther D. Dr. IC
  • "The state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed" is called... A. heaven B. purgatory C. hell D. class time
More coming as time allows. Feel free to suggest your own.


jawats said...

Oh, I do miss undergraduate profs....:-)

Dad29 said...

Secularism comes to theology through the following influences:

1) Solipsim
2) Scientism
3) Criticism
4) Alcoholism
5) Sex Education

Andreas Carlstadt was a priest-follower of Luther. Early in the Revolution, Carlstadt had:

1) Celebrated Mass in the vernacular
2) Discarded traditional vestments
3) Distributed Communion under both species
4) Had an affair with Mahler's wife and met Gropius on the way in or out
5) Gotten married
6) Had an affair with Richard Wagner's wife and ghost-wrote Tristan
7) Rejoined the Roman Catholic church and became a Liturgical Expert following Vatican II

Ozment tells us that the Revolution-meisters aimed their sights at (actually, posited as works of the Devil):

1) mandatory fasting
2) auricular Confession
3) veneration of Saints, relics, and images
4) indulgences, pilgrimages, shrines, wakes, and processions for the dead
5) the Latin Mass in public and private worship
6) the authority of Canon Law
7) movies in which John Wayne won
8) all the works of GKC
9) parental prerogatives
10) right order
11) most of the above

Philangelus said...

Easter is:

A) The holiday celebrating Jesus's resurrection from the dead
B) The holiday when Jesus gave candy to all the good little boys and girls
C) The holiday commemorating how God fed His people in the desert with miraculous egg-laying bunnies
D) The day Jesus comes out of his tomb and if he sees His shadow, we have 40 more days of Lent

(okay, I shamelessly stole that last one, but still.)

Ray from MN said...

I was chatting with a Lutheran pastor of many years standing (ELCA) and I mumbled something about Catholic dissidents. He responded, "Oh, we have our dissidents, too."

Guess which ones he meant?

a. Anglicans
b. Anabaptists
c. Presbyterians
d. Congregationalists
e. Baptists
f. Quakers
g. Methodists
h. All of the Above!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

lol, good times quetions I gave my HS studens wee harder lol, but Mary and Hell, hahaha.

Mark Elliott said...

Heh! Sadly, I haven't come across any such multiple choice questions in studies; the folks in the Education and English departments must be made of stern stuff.

That said, likening Hell to class time is an astoundingly apt analogy in certain units. Whilst my language unit's professor is a lovely man, his lectures induce the oh-so-unwelcome "head nod" brought about whilst trying to fight off sleep.

Furthermore, whilst I'm sure you dress very well, the thought of a theology professor dressed in a cardigan cut from the cloth of the sun makes me giggle. =D

The Ironic Catholic said...

Heh yourself!
Cardigans=the uniform of female university professors, the only job where it may be an advantage to be dowdy.

p.s. most of the questions were harder than this. The class test average was DEFINITELY not an A....

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks for the future M.C. questions, folks!

Ray from MN said...


"Dowdy" is a geezer word. Is there an advantage for female professors to be geezers, too?

I think you have many years before you qualify for that exalted epithet.

LarryD said...

'Ad orientem' means:

a) To the East
b) Made in China
c) Good sense of direction
d) Will you please speak freakin' English!?!

The hypostatic union is defined as:

a)The union of the two natures (Divine and human) in the person of Jesus

b)The ability of cotton socks to cling together no matter how much fabric softener one uses.

c) An collective or organized group of religious persons

d) When matter and anti-matter collide.

fr. Vincent said...

Ultramontane means
a. You really like Montana
b. What you believe can move mountains
c. You are very attached to the Pope, who lives (seen from Europe) at the other side of the Alps
d. Some sort of disease you get when you climb on high altitude.

Allen's Brain said...

I've never said class was hell, but I did scrawl the following upon the chalkboard during 8th grade study hall: Study Hall is a kind of medieval torture. Do you have anything to confess?

Domini Sumus said...

I have never gotten questions like that on any college exam, but I wish I did.