Monday, June 30, 2008

And the 2008 literary geniuses are...

Wow, folks. Cinquains? Clerihews? Limericks? You all are way too much into the glam world of the literati for the likes of me. We had roughly 100 poetic entries in all three categories (plus the categories you made up when I was gone!). With absolutely no measure of judgment other than my subjective pleasure, I offer you...the winners!

For best serious haiku:

garden agony
stay awake and watch with me
as green vines turn red

--"Rufus McCain", Korrektiv

For best funny haiku:
(In two parts)

A convert's question:
Do cradle Catholics sing when
There's no one listening?

Do the Protestants
Ever stop with the singing
So they can listen?

--Chris, Duluth

For the best six word summary of the spiritual life (and this was tough. Lots of entries, all interesting, but the winner is):

Help! Help, help, HELP! Oh, thanks.

Some of the notable entries across the board, deserving of more than this lousy button (but--that's all you're getting), are...

serious haiku notables:

All Sacred Scripture
Inspired by the Holy Ghost
Is fragrant with God.

Red Rose crushed
on Calvary hill to save
poor dandelions.

You freed me from Law:
from a works-based righteousness.
Freed to be your slave!

funny haiku notables:*

The Church is One, Holy,
Cath'lic...and...wait, don't tell me's...Melancholic?

Choir starts to sing;
It's another Haugen hymn?
How many are there?

Tattoo of Jesus
Spreads the message on my back
But I can't see it
--Jessica Harman (via email)

six word summaries of the spiritual life, notables:

arduous ascents, prayerful plateaus, sudden transfigurations
--Alexis Mausolf (via email)

I want to love Him more.
--Nadja Magdalena, Patch O' Dirt Farm

I danced to God's burning violin.

disgruntled sinner seeks truth in nutshell
--"Rufus McCain", Korrektiv

Just get on with the liturgy!
--Miriam Murray (via email)

And for everyone else who entered--and there were many good ones not included here!--feel here to take this self-esteem button and make it your own:

(All these buttons were created through

Thanks for the fun, everyone!

*An explanation about one of the funny haiku notables: a reader wrote and asked if I was beating up on Marty Haugen (a contemporary music composer very well-used in many Catholic circles... for you Protestant readers), and doesn't that go against the spirit of the blog? If the haiku were against Haugen, I would agree. I think the haiku is against the overuse of Haugen's songs and hymns, which seems hard to dispute. For the record, I quite like some of Haugen's music: the Mass of Creation (when it is done well), and Shepherd Me, O God, and All Are Welcome. And I don't know him from Adam, but I do know people who do, and like him very much as a human being and a Christian. So...I apologize if that selection went against the grain of the blog. I don't see it as an ad hominem attack.

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