Friday, June 06, 2008

"Answer Me These Questions Three"

OK, if you watch all of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, it has multiple scenes which are ...ahem... inappropriate. But this scene is clean and an absolute favorite! Happy Friday!

p.s. Thanks to Happy Catholic for the video tip, and I have a question to Fr. James Martin logged in there if you're interested (not on humor, sorry folks! Ask your own at her blog!).


Allen's Brain said...

The catechism just got a lot simpler!
St Peter's getting lazy?

Snup said...

Hey IronicCatholic
This is a comment about your question to Father Martin. I don't know where in the Midwest you are as the Midwest is kinda big....

Have you tried St. Louis University for your retreat needs? Additionally, there is a newish Aquanis Institute of Theology (Which I think is attached to SLU, but not sure.)

If you'd like, I can look around St. Louis and see if I can find one of these retreat things...


angelmeg said...

In looking for a retreat have you explored Jesuit Retreat House in Cleveland OH? They do 8 day directed retreats (Ignatian of course). I would highly recommend this as a place that caters to the needs of the laity.

Soutenus said...

Great clip -- our oldest daughter knows this by heart and finds it hilarious!!
I have posted one of your submissions to Stuff Catholics Like at my blog with a proper link back to you.
(The post on Retreats -- great post btw!)
I hope this is ok - let me know if it is not and I can discard it.