Monday, June 09, 2008

Bloggers Meet, Survive the Encounter!

Photo of my campus by super-photographer Clairity.

Living in the boonies, I rarely get to meet other bloggers, but I did this Saturday. Communion and Liberation holds a regional CL Spiritual Exercises in my town at my really small Catholic university campus (despite no CL group in town). Somehow Freder1ck from Deep Furrows and I figured out we'd be in the same town at the same time, so we met for lunch, with his wife Karen. I also met Sharon from Clairity Daily, which is another lovely photo-lush CL-themed blog. I heard Sr. Edith was there too, but I didn't meet her...three wonderful, really "rich" blogs, much more serious and thoughtful than this one!

Thanks for the great conversation, Fred and Karen! We talked about CL, the Catholic Worker, intentional communities, the law of charity and the life of Christ, mysticism, the challenge of von Balthasar and the coolness of Gregory of Nyssa. Whew!

Anyone else swinging through Southern Minnesota...let me know! And I know, I know...I should have brought the camera.

p.s. I believe I will have a Stuff Catholics Like post on "Retreats" up by the end of the day. They have some interesting posts up lately, not least all: Catholics like... knees. Who knew?


clairity said...

Next year, I hope we can visit for more than a few minutes! Great to meet you IC. --Sharon

Freder1ck said...

Thank you so much for the gift of hospitality! Karen and I enjoyed meeting you in person. Your campus is beautiful rain or shine with countless reminders of the memory of Christ.