Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Mr. Tabernacle"

Sherry Antonetti, Catholic mother of eight and a humorist (I'd think you would have to be) at Chocolate for your Brain, has an amusing yet horrifying post about Vacation Bible School at her parish:

...Vacation Bible School. By all rights, I should love it. It’s inexpensive. It takes all comers. There’s not usually a rush to sign up so slacker moms like me can get spots. It takes a whole week. The woman who runs the thing is absolutely lovely. But despite all the pluses, I delay and hesitate signing up because of the illustrations that to my sensibilities, assault my capacity for reverence.

I speak of two horrors to my intellect created for the purposes of Vacation Bible School Catholic Style.


2) Mr. Tabernacle. There are times I wish words would fail me. An illustrated smiling tabernacle which opens its chest to reveal the consecrated host, stares up at me from the assorted sheets for coloring. Now I know the good people that run my kid’s summer Vacation bible school have opted not to use the character, but images once seen, cannot be unseen. Words read cannot be unread. R2D2 after his final vows remains fixed in my mind.
Go read the whole thing to get to #1.


Niall Mor said...

I believe our Jewish brothers and sisters invented the perfect expression for this situation: Oy! Or possibly, Oy vey!

CMinor said...
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CMinor said...

Gee--maybe they shoulda just gone for the VBS-in-a-kit from the curriculum publishers.

I am assured by my daughter, who is volunteering this week, that "Mr. Tabernacle" (and friends) are not a part of our program.

angelmeg said...

cminor that probably was a kit produced by a company (not Catholic) but then amended to make it a "Catholic" program. Some well meaning Protestant thought that would be a great image for a three to six year old coloring page.

Your daughter lucked out.

I distinctly remember the year we got a program from a company and on the day they talked about sin instead of a discussion of the sacrament of confession the program guide had our teachers leading the kids in the sinners prayer.

OY is right!

Glad I reviewed the entire program before I gave it to the women who were running VBS because I tore out those pages and rewrote the entire day as an exploration of the reconciliation room and had father come over and talk about confession of sins.

angelmeg said...

I forgot to add the sinners prayer day came complete with altar call for the "unsaved"

Oy indeed.

The Ironic Catholic said...

It's part of a real program--I'm not linking to them to protect the guilty.

To be fair, I looked at it and there were many decent things too.