Thursday, June 05, 2008

Truth Is Stranger #79: Lunch in the Tower of Babel!

BERLIN (AFP) - If you ever fancied lunch in the Tower of Babel, visiting an "original size" Noah's Ark or a multimedia depiction of the final battle between Good and Evil, you may not have long to wait.

Under plans announced by a group of Swiss evangelical Christians and reported by the German press on Wednesday, Genesis Park, a theme park based on the Bible, will open at a yet to be chosen site in Germany by 2012.

It will group some 40 attractions over an area the size of 70 football pitches encompassing all areas of the Christian story, according to the organisers' website.

The centrepiece will be what the organisers call an "original size" Noah's Ark which is 150 metres (490 feet) long and surrounded by water.

Other attractions will include two roller coasters -- one giving an idea of the Great Flood and another on the theme of heaven and hell -- a miniature version of Biblical-era Israel and a Roman amphitheatre.

Well. That's the way to get people to take Scripture seriously. Turn it into a theme park experience! Whee!

I shudder to think how they are going to handle the crucifixion.

Breaking news!: Martin Luther found rolling in his grave for the Fatherland.

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Tim said...

Breaking news!: Martin Luther found rolling in his grave...

Well, at least some good has come from the idea!

Allen's Brain said...

Actually, that's how they power the theme park. They wrapped up ol' Marty in copper wire, and... Voila! He is--once again--the generator of the Reformation!

Allen's Brain said...

Actually, you won't have to worry about having lunch in the tower of Babel, and nor will anyone else. In keeping with the spirit of the Scriptures, they'll never get that feature finished.

SherryTex said...

Don't forget to stop by Joseph's House of Fashion and purchase a coat of many colors or the Snack Shack that feeds 5000. The fish and chips are excellent.

LarryD said...

And don't forget the Talking Donkey exhibit, the Parting Of The Red Sea ride, and the 4-D Ten Plagues Show. Just leave after number 9.

CMinor said...

Sounds almost as much fun as Dickens World!