Friday, August 15, 2008

"Shoe Rosaries" Win Intense Homeschooler Summer Craft Competition

Detroit, MI: The shoes of the fisherman never looked like this.

But the St. Therese Catholic Homeschoolers summer craft competition was won by what one mom called "the trump card" of spiritual crafts: tying shoelaces, till on the shoes, into rosary knots. (Beta version, right)

"We were trying to think of a way to make our hand knotted rosaries different--you know, carding wool yarn from the family sheep or something--and little Jim came up with this. He's learning how to tie his shoelaces anyway, so it was like killing two birds with one stone," said the winning mother, Josephine Miller.

"I see lots of uses for this skill," said the organization's judge, Elisa Cartwright, the St. Therese Church DRE. "When you live in the culture of death, sometimes you need the strength of the Blessed Mother's intercession. So you bend down, tighten your shoelaces, and say a few Hail Mary's. I'm sure this will increase vocations."

Some mothers admitted to being a bit jealous. "They deserved it, I know, but I was really proud of our family's illuminated Catechism," said Joanna Culbraith. "It took all summer for the paintings to be completed. And this family over here, the ones who created a decorated scooter? I mean, they created the scooter from junk at the scrap yard and decorated it themselves. I think the scooter is an evangelical moment, for sure." The scooter, being driven with glee by a 10 year old boy, had a sign across the handlebars: "Scoot yourself over to Jesus!"

The Miller family became so knot crazy, said Josephine Miller, that they came to the competition with their hair cornrowed and knotted in decades.

Another competitor who wished to rename unnamed, looked at the family, and shrugged. "It's inspiring. And a little ADHD."


p.s. Happy Feast of the Assumption!


Allen's Brain said...

And now we know IC's shoe size.

Anonymous said...

I had to look to see if this was fake news or real. It is sometimes hard to tell with homeschoolers. --Anonymous Catholic Home School Mother of three