Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Local Parish "Gives Up," Begins Worshiping America on Holiday Weekends

Irving, TX: St. Mary Magdalene Church announced at this past Sunday's Mass they were going to "keep it real, keep it honest" by admitting that they were simply worshiping the United States on 4th of July weekends.

"It was so freeing," gushed Joy DeLouche, a long-time member of the parish. "Some of our members fought against this move, but it was so refreshing to be honest about what we truly want. Everyone just wants to sing America the Beautiful on this weekend, and the parish needed to get on board with the rest of the country."

DeLouche's husband, Jim, said "Yeah, some said it was giving up God for the culture of death, but really, y'all, we're grilling sausage and juggling sparklers. There's a time and a place for everything, you know?"

One of those opting out of the Sunday Mass was Ron Jackson, who said this started years earlier. "First we had an American flag in the sanctuary. Then it got moved to the altar. Then we sang a patriotic songs on the 4th, and other state holidays. Then all the songs became patriotic songs. I appreciate living in the USA, but I was increasingly uncomfortable with this. I heard this weekend was going to go all out, and I decided to worship in another town."

When asked what was different about this weekend's Mass, Joy DeLouche said "First, people were really singing because we love those patriotic songs, you know. Father came down the aisle draped in a red, white, and blue stole, and his homily on "being like a little child" for our country was really stirring. We handed out rosaries for the occasion with little "flag beads". The statue of the Blessed Mother is already blue, so we did up her fingernails in red and white. And the altar was draped in Old Glory, and we lit some Roman Candles after the consecration. So, really, our liturgy committee didn't think it wasn't all that different...it was mostly the externals that made the Mass, you know."

Jim DeLouche admitted, "There was one unfortunate moment. We all stood up to say the Pledge of Allegiance between the Word and the Eucharist, and one person kind of ... well ... he had a seizure or something. He began foaming at the mouth and shouting something about "you shall worship the One God alone" or something...candidly, I think he was possessed. We gently led him out so we could worship the flag in peace."

The diocese was not available for comment, due to the holiday weekend.



Anonymous said...

love the name dude - ironic catholic! ha! priceless.

Freder1ck said...

Roman candles... there's a joke here somewhere: paging the Curt Jester and his photoshop.

Jaibee said...

So true. So true. Are we the catholic Catholic church, or are we the Church of the United States? I think that what we should be doing is playing those patriotic songs in their entirety publicly at, say, sporting events and Hollywood celebrity parties, so that everyone can recenter themselves on the fact that we are a nation under God, and are not supposed to be living in this moral wasteland, but to be a shining "city on a hill" as an example to others.... /rant

Allen's Brain said...

"So, really, our liturgy committee didn't think it wasn't all that different...it was mostly the externals that made the Mass, you know." Ouch!

I, too, find the level of patriotism "required" in worship on those days hard to swallow. It's an American thing, seemingly. Not sure just why. I seem to recall the flags in church buildings being a remnant of the Civil War--posting Old Glory to declare your favor of the Union side.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Allen, in my area, sometimes the flags are up in ethnic churches for these immigrants to show their pride for this country...a Polish Catholic parish in America, etc. Sometimes the Polish flag would be up too!

But I'm afraid too many people just collapse God and country. And that's dangerous...frankly, idolatrous.

Adoro te Devote said...

OK, getting caught up...this is hilarious, and I think it happened locally, too....lol

Loved the Roman Candles bit!

Adoro te Devote said...

Sadly, in my parish, for awhile there were flags up in our * choke * gathering space. We discussed in in our commission meeting because we felt that it was fine that we have an American flag there, but, why, then, as we are Catholic, don't we have a Vatican flag?

Because some people would be offended.


PraiseDivineMercy said...

Okay, as a bit of a traddie who still attends the Ordinary Form occasionally, this is one of the few issues that's never come up. On patriotic holidays my parish DOES display both the Vatican and American flags. For the sermon, the immigrant priests say a few words on gratitude and their experiences.


Allen's Brain said...

I want a flag that says "generic white person for whom nationality is not an issue." I suppose that would miss the point, huh?