Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More "Stuff Catholics Like": Spiritual Directors

...OK, let’s do a via negativa exercise: getting at a definition by looking at what spiritual direction is not.

Directee: I’m having a hard time praying. I’ve only prayed twice this month.
Not a Spiritual Director: Yeah, me too. I’m kind of wrapped up in election coverage right now. Whaddya think about the veep specs?

Directee: I’m having a hard time praying.
Not a Spiritual Director: Geez. Why is saying a Hail Mary so hard already? It’s 51 short words. Come on, get on your knees, I’m dragging out the rosaries....

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Dcn Scott Dodge said...

Who will be the veep picks? Maybe Hail Marys are order. I love being obtuse!