Monday, August 04, 2008

Catching up from vacation

  1. St. Lawrence Church in Fairhope, AL appears to be one kickin' parish. It's also my mom's. I am pretty dang impressed by the spirit of the place--traditional and "modern", reverent, and very involved with the local community--every time I attend. I wish I had pictures of the interior of the church: beautiful and theologically thoughtful.
  2. Memphis style BBQ is great. But not exactly ideal "eat and run" airport food.
  3. Does anyone else call a day trip to the oceanfront with three kids, none of whom are great swimmers, as "7 hours cheating death"? (We survived and had fun.)
  4. I came back to find fellow blogger Meredith Gould's new book, The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today, in my mail. Thanks for the copy, Meredith! And congrats. It looks like a fantastic book on communication for pastoral ministers (the spiritual and practical combined, with Meredith's flair for writing).
  5. Also: Paul at Alive and Young passed his exams and received an M.A. in Theology from Notre Dame. Congrats!
  6. The "6 quirks meme" that Deacon Scott, Korrektiv, and Alex tagged me with: Look, I have no quirks. None, I tell you! Whatever qualifies as a quirk, I've confessed elsewhere on the blog, and I' would have to start adopting quirks to do this meme. I haven't sunk to this point. Yet.

But if I were to adopt quirks, I'd whistle Gregorian chant in the elevator, start each class with liturgical dance, start each morning with a V-8, alternate my southern accent (which I can recall in a flash) with a cockney accent every other sentence, refuse to read theologians unless their names contain the letter K, and sign my name in Greek. That would be fun.

Peace, IC


Dcn Scott Dodge said...

I am glad you're back, but even happier that you had a nice vacation, which was no doubt well-deserved.

ArchAngel's Advocate said...

"start each class with liturgical dance"...
Better avoid my blog then

BlessedMom said...

I've been reading your blog for a while...was very excited to see the Alabama connection! Hope you enjoyed your visit to the South!

-Devon....Birmingham, AL

SherryTex said...

I agree, taking children to the ocean is a form of cheating death, or at the very least, a means of making sure guardian angels aren't slacking down on the job. (Took all 8 to the beach)...slightly less frightening than taking all 8 to a two hour mass celebrated by the Arch Bishop, where the oldest three are serving and the youngest three are hungry. (helpful for shortening my future stay in purgatory).

Dcn Scott Dodge said...

As to quirks, Hmmmm. . . yea.

CMinor said...

Okay, IC, this is getting eerie...
my dad grew up in Foley, a few miles from Fairhope.

Are you sure we're not alternate universe doubles of each other?

The Ironic Catholic said...

hee hee, CMinor--
I didn't grow up in Alabama, my parents just retired there. My brother works in Mobile.

I've been through Foley many times now!

Dcn Scott--what are you implying...? ;)

Allen's Brain said...

In a strange twist (one might even say it was "quirky") today, IC changes her online identity to QIC!

Reflecting this change of direction, QIC promises lots of links in her blog to liturgical dance vids on YouTube and the composition of a Gregorian chant to the tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown!"

Jaibee said...

I love your adopted quirks! :) Hmm, perhaps I could answer every request that my bosses make with, "Absolutely, but I must check with my priest first for possible near-occasion-of-sin." For everything.... Faxing, copying, making phone calls or appointments.... :)

Return all documents as "Incomplete -- Biblical reference missing."

Answer all phone calls, "In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."