Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just curious...

I go back and forth as to whether this blog is a good use of my time or not. This poll is simply for my interest, wondering where others are at with their bloggin' discernment....

How far away are you from ending your blog?
One week
Two weeks
A month
Half a year
In a year or two
When they pry the keyboard from my lifeless hands
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Bro. AJK said...

I just go in spurts. Now that school has begun, it will be updates more irregularly than in the past!

Chris said...

Hey, IC!

If it's any help to your blog contemplations, your humor was a big plus in the "Become a Catholic" column when I was in the RCIA this past year.

(We will not name any blogs who featured in the "Are You Mad to Give Up Your Protestant Roots?" column.)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Wow, Chris. I'm honored. And welcome!

Bro. ajk--the thing is, I think my spurts are more like "she's still posting but hasn't been funny in a month!"

I just wonder. It's a detachment from the world thing for me. Can I do this blog and not get too attached?

jenniferfitz said...

Keep blogging. Not for your own good, but for the rest of us.


Didn't know how to vote for myself. 'cold dead hands' best describes the likelihood I'll manage to quit writing. 'sometime in the next thirty minutes' describes how soon I will resume/continue thinking that I ought to give it up.