Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby preaches it: Hellfire and Brimstone is my guess.

OK, this isn't my style of worship, even with an adult at the helm....But this is kind of funny and cute.

It's also the sort of thing that gives people like Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens the blistering hives.

When you're about to lose it with your favorite toddler, just remember--he's speaking in tongues. That's right.

HT Ship of Fools.


Jackie Parkes said...

Do you mind adding my blog to your links? I will add yours..

Gregory said...

I think they're taking Psalm 8:1-2 a little too seriously.

angelmeg said...

speaqking in tongues or tongue in cheek?

I'm guessing he was recititing Jesus' Christmas list. (it is his birthday after all, why shouldn't he want to get his list in early).