Monday, September 22, 2008

Change You Can Believe In, Zombies First!

If I weren't supporting the Communion of Saints ticket, I would heartily recommend considering the presidential ticket of Max the Severed Drunken Head and Allen's Brain. Here's Allen's interview with Max...

Max TDSH: ...Here's question #1. "Ask him what he'd do for a sagging economy."

Allen's Brain: Higher taxes! And lavish raises for everyone on Capitol Hill! We'll live the lives of the Roman emperors! It's about time we start the bacchanal! And I would set a historical precedent with the minimum wage, by being the first to lower it!

If that doesn't cause the economy to droop, we'll just have to wait for old age and gravity to take its toll. Next question. well as the acceptance speech.

(I have to admit I find the honesty refreshing.)

1 comment:

Allen's Brain said...

No hope for a brain in a jar to be canonized, then, eh?
Getting elected this November would certainly count as a miracle!