Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things, Catholic Style

An ongoing series of life with chics (children of the Ironic Catholic).

Within family prayer--we read the scripture for the day and discuss it as a family--we asked chic #1, 8 years old, to interpret the passage. He did an especially good and thorough job.

IC: Wow, son. That was excellent. That was just like a homily!
Chic #1: What? You mean it was too long?

Chic #2 (our 6 year old daughter) is looking through a toy magazine/catalog (it's starting! already!), and her eyes light up seeing a chest of dress up clothes, with a little girl with braids, dressed in blue gingham dress with ruby slippers and a small stuffed dog. She begins reading the names of the costumes, and jumps up, exclaiming:

Chic #2: "Mom! MOM! Look, it's Dorothy Day!"

I'm so proud. (sniff)

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Bismuth said...

My family generally sits near the front of church, so we are quite close to the administration of the Eucharist. One Sunday, a man came to receive communion with a child of slightly-able-to-walk age at his feet. After he had received the host, I heard the following from the mouth of the tyke (and I quote):

"What is that?"

"Hey! What is that?"

"Daddy, you're not sharing!"