Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Ten Excuses For Not Blogging

Allen's Brain has come up with a (unsurprisingly) wacky set of excuses. As I have no brain cells firing at the moment (good week and weekend, but long and tiring), I'm copying Allen's framework and making my own excuses, since the written posts have been a tad lax of late.

Feel free to make this a meme of sorts: what are YOUR ten excuses for not blogging? I tag whoever wants to play.

My ten excuses for not blogging:
  1. Letting cyberspace go without the melodious prose of my satire lets people discuss much more important things, like Sarah Palin's hairstyle.
  2. My new motto: Let go. Let God. Let blog.
  3. I've been scouring the net for beautiful in spirit nun photos for Sister Mary Martha's contest.
  4. Someone told me this week that St. Ignatius suggested "is doing this something you will be content about as you lie on your deathbed?" I'm still pondering that one...this could take a while....
  5. I've been writing a peer-reviewed article on how blogging is the new spiritual direction. But it's going slowly because I'm kind of groggy with all these nightmares of desert fathers taking my keyboard and bashing me on the head.
  6. My computer monitor got baptized in the Spirit and died to itself.
  7. Now that I'm in middle age, I've begun flossing. It takes a surprising amount of blogging time.
  8. I get stuck staring at the desktop for hours, wondering if the Google Chrome icon is intentionally a Trinitarian symbol. Or a retro Simon game. Then I wonder if we could create a Catholic Simon game: Father. Father Son. Father Son Holy Spirit. Etc.
  9. I just can't imagine Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta saying "Make all your blog something beautiful for God."
  10. I just read St. John of the Cross. I think I'm experiencing the dark night of the blog.


sinisterdan said...

I only ever have one excuse: I'm lazy.

Sometimes, to be fair, I have another excuse but its hard to stay mad at whiskey.

Helen said...

I would miss you if you stopped blogging. You put out there a lot of things worth thinking about (and make us smile while we think).
God bless!

Allen's Brain said...

Simon is precisely what I thought when I saw that pic. I have no idea what Google Chrome is right now, but I will soon.

Like Helen, I would miss your absence from the blogosphere, but if the Lord wills you cease, then I heartily concede!
You can always guest-post at the Brain Lab, and it's not like you're really blogging.

I don't know about the desert fathers, but I know what St Espressus would say about your possible hanging up the ol' keyboard. "She just needs more coffee!"

Allen's Brain said...

Just realized: This could be a new meme. "What are your Ten Excuses for Not Blogging?"

The Ironic Catholic said...

Yes, Allen, let's make this a meme. That could be fun.

I hearby challenge the humor bloggers of the world -- what are YOUR ten reasons for not blogging?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Helen, thanks for the kind words--and you too, Allen.

SinisterDan, I'm a first born child through and through. Sometimes I wish I could be lazy.

Diesel said...

I think they intentionally made it look like Simon. Not sure why. (I have no inside info; that's just speculation).

Or maybe it stands for IE, Firefox and Chrome, all centering around Google.