Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Church Is Not Walmart": 10 reasons

I loved the irony and truth-telling in this piece. A couple of samples:

6). Leaving the Catholic Church because a priest was mean to you, or because sister whacked you with a ruler, or because the church secretary looked at you funny is as stupid as giving up on the truths of math because you hate your high school algebra teacher. Why would anyone let a crazy priest or a cranky nun or anyone else for the matter drive you out of the faith you believe is true? My only conclusion: you never thought it was true to begin with; or, you have a favorite sin the Church teaches against and crazy priests and cranky nuns is as good an excuse as any to leave and pursue your sin all the while feeling justified b/c Father and/or Sister are such jerks.

7). Anyone who comes in the Catholic Church thinking that they will find clouds of angels at Mass dressed as parishioners; hordes of perfect saints kneeling for communion; seminaries packed with angelic young men burning to be priests; a parish hall stacked to the ceiling with morally pure people eager to serve; and a priest without flaw or blemish, well, you're cracked and you probably need to go back and try again. Telling Catholics that they aren't perfect makes as much sense as telling fish they're wet. We know already. Move on.

Read the rest at Fr. Philip's.


Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I loved all those reasons. Especially number 6.

GoGettyer said...

As true as those reasons are, I don't think presenting them that way (esp. #6) won't rouse fallen-away Catholics to come home.

The approach seems more effective without diluting the truth of everything.

Personally I think that more sympathy for those mistreated by consecrated religious would help heal their wounds and give them enough Christ to have them seek Him in the Church again.


The Ironic Catholic said...


I think you're probably right. But then again, I don't think this is a promotional piece, like Catholics Come Home. It's more a slapdash of righteous frustration, and maybe a self-correction more than anything WE Churchgoers treat it like Walmart?

Thanks for your coment.

opey124 said...

Bearing wrongs patiently is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy, so is Forgiving one another. We don't hear that often enough.
Although gogettyer has a point with Catholics come home approach, there is a medicine for everyone.
I like Fr.'s approach because of his direct way of saying we are human and going to make mistakes and be....human.
Now, for those abused I think something different is necessary. But as one commenter put it....we need help getting over ourselves!