Saturday, October 18, 2008

"IC the Blogger" Reflects On 15 Seconds In The Limelight

God'sCountry, USA: It was a great surprise, said "the Ironic Catholic," to be mentioned in the latest debate between the Presidential candidates, but she has taken in stride the latest twist in her life: from quiet Catholic theology professor to the popular Google search term "IC the Blogger."

"I didn't know McCain was an active reader until I was watching the debate and he brought up 'My friend, IC the blogger,'" said the Ironic Catholic, aka "IC". "I mean, I'm actually not that concerned about my taxes on the blog since I make about 10 cents a week, but I guess if he's reaching out to every American--well, every American I know is not making much money on a blog. Seemed like a good debate tactic to me."

The experience wasn't entirely pleasant, however. "I was a bit rattled when Obama looked at the camera and said 'I.C., if you're out there, you will save money with my plan.' I mean, I know I'm out there. My students always tell me I'm out there. But I don't need an existential crisis on top of reflecting on the unclear tax burden of my barely monetized blog," complained the elusive blogger.

However, many people, intrigued by the mention of something as completely irrelevant as a nameless blogger in a presidential debate set in apocalyptic times, caused Google to crash after the debate, plugging in "IC the Blogger". Reporters have questioned her qualifications as a licensed blogger and have since found out she owes about 1,200 posts to Stuff Catholics Like.

"Anonymity has its advantages," admitted IC the Blogger.


p.s. All apologies to Joe the Plumber for my lame attempt to steal his limelight.


Ken & Carol said...

OK, now I know what irony is. Thanks.

pastprologue said...


I have a blog named "What's Past is Prologue" - man, you should have seen my stats the day after Joe Biden mentioned "me" in the VP debate. I had to explain what it means for those that didn't get it. Say it ain't so, Joe. Too bad the side I'm voting for didn't mention me! How's that for gratitude...

Ray from MN said...

IC, my pal, a national celebrity!!


Actually, a year or so I achieved a little fame myself. I posted something of momentary national interest, I can't recall what right now, (that memory loss goes with "maturity" they say), and Hugh Hewitt a very popular talk show host and blogger linked to me.

Early on the following Saturday morning, as I waited with bated breath for the weekly SiteMeter stats to arrive (kind of like the Nielson overnight ratings for TV shows), I inhaled, clicked and almost passed out when I saw that I had had 1,600 visitors on the previous Wednesday. Thursday it was still 500 or so and Friday back to it's miniscule normal size of maybe 100 on a good day.

How were your stats, last week, IC?

MightyMom said...

well, unfortunately, no one's interested in "My Wonderful Life" but me.


angelmeg said...

Wow ray, I have four loyal readers a day to my blog, one of them is my devoted husband of 25 years who feels obligated to check in every day just so I don't have negative stats on my site meter.

100 a day would make me pass out for sure.

Ray from MN said...


It took me a long time to get that high.

Cathy of Alex says that the only people who read Stella Borealis are the folks working in the chancery and the rectories. But they never comment, or comment anonymously because they don't want to be identified as reading blogs on "church time."

Oh, yeah, my brother reads Stella too.