Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Minnesota Professor Reverently Receives Eucharist (Almost) Daily

It's shocking, I tell you. I hear she even has a blog and has never mentioned this.

(Clueless? Here.)


Chris said...

It's the Second Coming!

(We hope....)

Jeff said...

And I've heard she's actually intelligent and funny!

Jayelle said...

Piercing the Body of Christ with a nail?
How...completely appropriate.

Brittany said...

Must be a miserable person to need to display such disdain for others beliefs so publicly and offensively.

CMinor said...

Myers & co. remind me of angry teenagers in a lot of ways.

I think the suitable response (which as a bonus would drive them round the bend as much as anything would) would be to pray earnestly for their conversions.

kate said...

I don't understand what she accomplishes by desecrating the Eucharist. If she's anti-religion, she doesn't have to join one. Why does she need to offend everyone who's Catholic?