Saturday, October 04, 2008

Saturday Fun: IC Unveiled my university's library decided to encourage faculty and staff to pose for these READ posters (and yes, we have asked ourselves whether it is too much to assume that college students will be reading on their own without an advertizing campaign, but anyway...). The library says they are doing it for fun, and it has been enjoyable to see where people have posed and with which book.

So Voila, here I am (real name scribbled out), next to St. Thomas More. The "concept" (a la Annie Leibowitz) was to pose next to the great saint of questioning government in the name of Christianity while reading about another will-be saint, Dorothy Day (Revolution of the Heart: Essays on the Catholic Worker), and have my head cocked in question. Instead, I just laughed and giggled at how silly I felt.

It's not a good picture of me, alas, but here's my attempt to make you smile for this Saturday.


Fred said...

a lovely photo!

Chris said...

Great concept and I love the typeface used on 'READ'.

Ray from MN said...

I.C. Unveiled?"

Is the I.C. really a nun? Wow! There's a scoop for my blog! I wonder if Bishop Harrington knows?


She was referring to her chapel veil, I guess.

I suppose I'll have to read "Revolution of the Heart: Essays on the Catholic Worker" now. I'm sure glad she didn't choose the "Summa Theologiae" by St. Thomas!

Whatever happened to the title "Summa Theologica?" That's what we "religion" students used to call it in the olden days. Does one declare a political position by which title one uses for that wonderful "book?" eg. Traddie v. Progressive?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Thanks Fred and Chris. I didn't choose the typeface but I thought it was clever too.

Ray, you're right, I should have said unmasked. If you're going to read something on Dorothy Day, I'd read the woman herself first. *The Long Loneliness* is a classic.

You say Theologica, I say Theologiae;
you say tomayto, I say tomahto
Theologica! Theologiae!
Tomayto! Tomahto!
Let's work the whole thing out!

Niall Mor said...

Nice to see you, Dr. I. C.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Actually, "let's call the whole thing off"--my musical cred is slipping.

and Thanks Niall--

CMinor said...

Well, at least they forwent another of Annie Liebowitz "concepts" and allowed y'all to pose fully dressed. I often wonder if she realizes that artsy photos can be accomplished with the subject's clothes on.

angelmeg said...

Praise God that Dr. Ironic Catholic wasn't asked to do a Lady Godiva to get her college kids to read books.

Although it might have actually gotten them to at least look at the poster a bit more closely.

Helen said...

You don't look silly. You look joyful! That recommends your reading material of choice very well. God bless!

Ray from MN said...

That looks like an LJ award for angelmeg!

4 LJ's

Ellyn said...

A cool idea!
Will there be matching complimentary bookmarks?