Friday, October 24, 2008

Spread the Prayerful Word: NaPraGoMo 2008!


Some of you may remember last year's online project to encourage people to pray 15 minutes more every day of November--a takeoff on NaNoWriMo, where people crank out a book in the month of November. Here, we're fostering a prayer life!

NaPraGoMo stands for National Pray to God Month, and the idea is simply to provide inspiration and support to pray 15 more minutes a day throughout the month of November. As I said, we tried this last year with positive results. We'll be doing basically the same thing at NaPraGoMo 2008: a daily post encouraging people to pray through art, scripture, traditional and lesser-known prayers, and reflections from the greater lights of our Christian faith. You can see the NaPraGoMo 2008 site at

Please feel free to join us and spread the word! There is nothing greater or more possible than fostering the habit of prayer, and if a silly-named website helps, fantastic! (Tim thoughtfully created a Digg link to promote!)

I will be grading a lot the next few days, so this may be the last post until a week from now. Peace, everyone!

p.s. Readers have been reminding me that the novena of prayers for national wisdom prior to the U.S. Presidential election starts today, Sunday October 26th. You can find out more here (opens to a PDF).

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c.k said...


great blog! Fr Corapi is asking for a novena to Our Lady of the Rosary in this very important time:

just helping spread the word out! Tnx! :)

Anna said...

Today (Sun 26th) is the first day for the bishop's election novena.

Paul Cat said...

Sign me up!