Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sic!

(Sic=Spouse of the Ironic Catholic, for those not in the know.)

A day late, but he's an honest 39 as of yesterday. Today's the celebration day. He's the sweet guy who is responsible for the best posts here over the past three years, all of which are right here. I especially liked If the FDA Regulated the Eucharist.

And, no, I did not make that cake. I wish I were that talented. No doubt he wishes that, too.


p.s. It's never too late...we've got 26 people praying with us and counting...pray 15 more minutes today at NaPraGoMo.

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Embajador en el Infierno said...

I turned 39 as of Nov 9th- I just thought it was a funny coincidence . Happy birthday Sic!

(Sorry, too many unread posts in the feed reader).