Monday, November 03, 2008

There are other things

A friend of the family died of cancer Friday. I attended the funeral Monday.

She was a spunky woman and a wonderful artist, and only 54.

It all makes me practically forget there is an election today. I like perspective, but this isn't the way I like to get it.

Some of her fantastical artwork of the Mississippi River, which my town is on, found here.

Please pray for her and her husband. And then, vote.


Ray from MN said...

Boy, she had talent. Those are beautiful.

So sad to lose so young.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Aren't they wonderful? There was a lot of art in the commons at the visitation and funeral.

She was a convert to Catholicism a few years ago...I wish she had done some more traditionally "Catholic" art, because she was so very good...but as the priest said, the sacramentality of God sanctifying the world, the beauty of creation, was definitely her muse.

opey124 said...

Those are beautiful!
It looks nothing like the MS River I see. But amazing, just amazing.

Sorry for your loss. Will pray for her soul and family.

Jackie Parkes said...

I will pray..