Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Woman Reads Veritatis Splendor, Has Nothing Funny To Say

Yep. Still blinded by the Splendor. And a little tired.

In the same vein...see what Bp. Hermann said yesterday.

Humor tomorrow, if I've recovered from all this bracing truth-telling.


Steve T. said...

Good grief. At what point will they already born start to count with these Bishops ready to die tomorrow? Ready to die for the poor? Oh no, mustn't do that. Ready to die for racial justice? No, no. They just want headlines.

Steve T

The Ironic Catholic said...

Archbishop Romero died for the poor.
Many Christians died for racial justice.

I think a church more ready to die for its teaching is a good witness, period. And the statement is one that may shock people into the reality that this is MORE than a political issue.

Jeff Miller said...

Man reads Veritatus Splendor and found something funny to say. Or at least I named my website after it

The Ironic Catholic said...


Next post: what's hilarious about intrinsically evil acts!