Monday, December 15, 2008

God Has A Blog

Indeed: God's Blog.

So far I give God's Blog a 70% and dropping for orthodoxy, but He sure has a way with words. Very funny.

And HE follows ME! Who'da thunk it? So, uh, hi there, God. Welcome to the blog.

(Yes, everyone, I'm still grading. What was your first tip?)


Blaise Alleyne said...

God's blog is CC BY-NC-SA?? Why doesn't God allow commercial use? *sigh*

Susan Johnston said...

Dear IC: Last Advent, you had a post about attending a liturgy on campus and thinking about miracles, and struggles with faith, and how much you loved these young people . . . I am too middle-agedly inept to find it, or indeed your archives at all, so I wonder if you would very very kindly either repost it, or send it to me privately at marsupial at accesscomm dot ca -- I, too, am embroiled in marking, and struggling with the twin tensions of awaiting the Great Feast of Christmas and getting the grades in on time, with loving them and sorrowing for them simultaneously . . . your post last year helped me a lot. Thank you and God bless you.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Susan--aw, thanks. I'll repost it. I was thinking of it the other day. Look for it later.

CMinor said...

At the risk of committing blasphemy, I think God could really stand to use Spell-check.