Monday, December 22, 2008

There Go My Afternoon Plans

...And I had so wanted to go park in another person's driveway, pick a few shrooms, bag a deer, and finish up with a little door to door evangelization.


pundette said...


Hate it when that happens.

Jackie Parkes said...


Yellow Hawk Woman said...

Man every one needs one of these signs ROFL Don't you just hate when people park in your yard to hunt mushroom & deer. Then they want you to go to their mushroom & deer hunting church. We all this this problem ROFL Too Funny

Where did you find this?

Panda Rosa said...

By "Church People" did the owner mean he'd had enough of the ones who knock on the door and "Hello friend we want to talk to you for a few hours about Jay-ee-sus" types? I only ask because I've been there.