Tuesday, December 30, 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things....

Looking back at the satirical news stories I covered this 2008, I rather liked the following. And whiskers on kittens.
  1. RBCU Theology Professor Interviewed on the Economic Meltdown
  2. Open Letter to Sen. Obama: The Theologian's Pay Grade Isn't That Hard to Make , Actually
  3. Re-Gifting Chia Pets Not A Lenten Sacrifice, Argues Church
  4. Church Applies Rorschach Screening to Catechumens
  5. Breaking News: Christ Already Redeemed the World
  6. The Day Before the Pope's Arrival, American Catholic Blogosphere Collapses in One Uniform Faint
  7. College Reporter Confuses Traditional Catholic Women for Chemo Patients
  8. Michael's Has A Craft Sale, Five DRE's Hospitalized
  9. Watercolor Icons Spur Interreligious Violence, Art Studio Closes
  10. Local Church Begs Complainers to Become Hermits
And a first: I openly advise Pope Benedict what to do on his trip to the USA. Although he did alright, despite patently ignoring these helpful tips.

Adios, 2008! Feel free to vote for YOUR favorite at left, in the sidebar. --IC

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Ken & Carol said...

Now you tell me these were satires. Oh dear! Too many ironies in the fire. Oh dear.