Monday, January 12, 2009

God Gives Stephen Colbert Amazing Discernment Powers! More at 10!

OK, pretty great funny powers, anyway.

P.s. Not for those easily offended by the ongoing blasphemy of saying aloud "Yahweh."

(But I think the Gourd line is completely worth it.)

HT to Catholic Colbert.

p.s.  I'm resuming posting but things are pretty rough around the edges...I'm teaching brand new courses (new period, and of course to me) that my sick colleague would have covered, and it means  I am teaching an overload (that is, overtime for four months).  The illness and the job stress hasn't been a great concoction for humor: but I will try to keep it up.  This blog helps me gain some perspective.  Peace, everyone, and thanks for the prayers last week.  My colleague is still going to have a cancer battle, but her prognosis looks a lot better than it did a week ago.


ArchAngel's Advocate said...

I agree that the Gourd line is a classic! I rate it 4 groans! And the build up to the punch line is well worth the victory lap he takes.

angelmeg said...

Only God could love Star Trek Voyager is as true as it gets! You have to give the man props for going where no man has gone before!

Meredith Gould said...

Exactly what I needed to start a day of reading and writing about bread and blood. Yes, the gourd line knocked me over, as did the soda mouthwash spritz move. Comic genius. Yahweh.

Ginkgo100 said...

At the risk of losing the ironic tone and being a wet blanket, I have to grouch about Neale Donald Walsch's plagiarized story that Colbert mentioned. It was the story of the Christmas pageant at which the kids were supposed to hold up letters reading "CHRISTMAS LOVE" but the kid with the M held it upside down, so it read "CHRIST WAS LOVE". I'm griping about grammar causing heresy here! Christ lives, Mr. Walsch! Christ IS love! Not WAS! He's still around loving us! *growls unlovingly*

Susan Johnston said...

Re your new prep -- I teach 19th century lit & have a decade's worth of plug and play modules on various things.... if I can help, e-mail me at work at Susan dot Johnston ampersand uregina dot ca