Friday, January 23, 2009

The Gospel According to Melvin continues...the Temptation of Jesus

It Came From Allen's Brain, in its infinite wackiness, has cooked up a particularly good post in that series (that is, the amazing ongoing discovery of the apocryphal gospel according to Melvin, the Melon Merchant):

...The tempter showed him all the nations of the world and their splendor, including the locations of all the best melon patches. "All this is mine," he gloated, "and I will give it to you if you'll simply bow down to me."

"All this is yours, and you're making payments on a Yugo?"

"It's all about style," he blustered. "I wanted a truly hellish vehicle--and the Edsels were all sold out."

"Huh. I've always liked Hondas, m'self. One day, all of my followers will be in one Accord."...

You get the idea--but read the rest. It's a masterpiece of wordplay.

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