Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Fun: Blogs of Gentility (Mostly)

Colleen at Thoughts on Grace gave me this kind award: "The Lemonade Award is given to 10 others who show good attitude (the good kind!) or gratitude."

I have to admit, my goal is to be humorous and good-natured, but if I just succeed at good-natured, I can live with it. Thanks for the acknowledgement.

So I am supposed award this august honor to 10 blogs of gracious and grateful tone.  I always am afraid I will leave someone out who is eminently deserving, but I'll try:
Congratulations!  Pay it forward, all!


angelmeg said...

I'm honored, I always try to have a good attitued because my mom says nobody likes a sour puss.

word verification today

phisse - a small volume of french poetry meant to be carried in the pocket?

Fred said...

Thanks! By the way, who is your favorite theologian?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Fred--how about me? ;)

I don't know that I really have one favorite, but I'm fond of Augustine. This despite my degree, with focuses on contemporary theology.

Actually, I'd have to say the biggest influence has been Kierkegaard.

Fred said...

Augustine is very likable. I had a collection of his sermons on the letters of John a while back which I really enjoyed. And you like Kierkegaard? What do you like best of his?

The Ironic Catholic said...

Hmmm...I was really into The Sickness Unto Death for a while just our out of college. Fear and Trembling is classic. Purity of Heart Is To Will One Thing is great as well.

~m2~ said...

oh, wow, i am so honored! i don't know what to say, other than i may have to print this out because nobody would pair me with the word "gentility."

love it!

you are too generous with this award and my humility should prevent me from asking if there is some sort of widget thing i could put on my blog, but it isn't :)

Dcn Scott Dodge said...

Well, thanks. Dropping my own guard for a minute, I find this affirming.