Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An update from the cornfield

Hey, it's SIC (Spouse of the Ironic Catholic) here again, with an update from IC, who called from her nine-day, eight night (but who's counting?) silent retreat this evening.

As it happened, she called just as the French Fries had to come out of the oven, the youngest kid was having a tantrum, and our good friend, Sister Jerima, had shown up at the door with two plates of brownies and cookies. ("I felt sorry for you," she explained.) So I handed the phone over to Sr. Jerima, whose first question was: "They're letting you make phone calls during a silent retreat?"

I eventually got back to the phone, eager to find out how things were going.

"So, any theophanies today?" See, I figure if you're going to trek hundreds of miles to spend more than a week in a cornfield with a master spiritual director in order to encounter God, you ought to be getting your money's worth. First class all the way, you know?


"Any apparitions?"


"Inner locutions?"


"Revelations? Flashes of poetic insight? Deep thoughts?"

"I saw deer tracks in the snow during my walk."

"You saw deer tracks? What, they were too cheap to produce the actual deer? What a ripoff!"

Then I handed the phone over to our eight-year-old, who also wanted to know why we were getting a phone call during her silent retreat.

On a more serious note, IC says all is going well. The focus right now is Awareness of Sin. I offered to help, but she said she was doing fine on her own. (She also rejects my offers to help her with her examination of conscience before Confession. Go figure.)

Also, IC arranged a babysitter so that I could go hear Catholic novelist Ron Hansen talk at RBCU. He read extensively from his new novel, Exiles, which is about Gerard Manley Hopkins writing his epic poem, "The Wreck of the Deutchland." Hansen read from part of the novel describing the actual shipwreck, which killed five German nuns on their way to America. Looks like another good read from Ron Hansen.


Rachel Gray said...

A novel about GMH?? I may have to look into it! Thanks for the update.

Allen's Brain said...

Deer tracks in the snow amidst the silence of the cornfields? Heck, that's every day here in central IL! I should be cashing in on this!