Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayers for my local church

Hi, folks. 

Pulling on the IC reader prayer power here: one reason blogging has been a bit on the fly is that I am the volunteer coordinator of a five parish Mission on evangelization (specifically, the USCCB directive "Go and Make Disciples"). It's this coming weekend.  And right now, it looks like a really good Mission.

But candidly, it has been a lot more work than I expected, and I think (think, I say) I'm on top of the 100+ details.  It will be a hairy week. Please pray that many attend, it goes smoothly, the five parishes see how well collaboration works (we don't do this much), and we have good weather (no small prayer project in Minnesota late February).  Most of all, pray that people may embrace a spirit of evangelization!  


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MaryH said...

Wow! Thank you for all you are doing. I will pray for you, that everything goes well, and that you get a glimmer of hope in all the details. :)