Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Saintly Limerick Contest Winner!

From Dave without a website!...

There once was a saint from Nantucket
Saved his crew off the coast of Pawtucket
Through the rain and the hail
He continued to bail
Now he's known as St. Thomas a Bucket!

(Ba-dump, bump.)

Congrats, Dave. Give me your website and I'll give you the honored link.


Dave said...

Hi IC,

Thanks for the winning seal of approval! I don't have a website, so feel free to award the link to another hard-working poet :-)

By the way, I also submitted the "Have it Yahweh" caption and "Thank God I'm a Maccabee" parody. So I guess we share a similar sense of humor. (Don't know if that's good news or not!)

Thanks to you and the SIC for keeping this site going. I do enjoy it. And I hope that your retreat was fruitful.


Anonymous said...

Very clever -- loved it! Can we have more some time soon??? Winter is dragging and cold, and we need all the laughs we can get.

Thank you!

nunya said...

That was great!

DMinor said...

Congrats Dave!

A man who went by Dave, had no site,
But he got the meter and rhyme right
so with wit and some flair
he lim'ricked extr'ordinare
and was all of the reader's delight.

Panda Rosa said...

And of course, someone's already thought of the OTHER version before the ink was dry here.