Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first blug

Blug: That's a blog plug!

From Dcn. Patrick:
The most recent venture by weCatholic is www.Eterni-Tee.com -- an
innovative (though we say so ourselves) concept: a monthly
t-shirt design contest. Here's how it works:

-- Folks submit their t-shirt art
-- Top five get openly voted on
-- Winner printed as that month's limited edition,
2-week order window tee.
-- Winner gets 5% of the profit
-- Church groups can earn 20% of the profit for bulk orders
-- Individual orders have 20% of the profit go to a
Catholic charity of our choice.
-- People receive their shirts, which spark conversation
and help spread our faith!

Could you please help spread the word? Voting begins March

[nice site, by the way]
Catholic Faith on Cotton

(Consider the word spread.)

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