Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Invisible Hand of God...On My Desk

Backstory: I am teaching an interdisciplinary course this semester on Catholicism in dialogue with 19th century "great books."

In a grading frenzy, I accidentally knocked over a stack of books and papers off the edge of my desk.

Marx and Engels, as well as Nietzsche, ended up in the wastebasket.

The theology texts stayed on the desk, or gracefully slid to the floor in a neat pile.

All wise and powerful God, take a bow.


Adoro said...

Well! I think THAT message came through LOUD AND CLEAR!



SQUELLY said...

I like it :-)

Galactic Catholic said...


tamtam said...

that's great!! the leftist propaganda goes right into the garbage where it belongs :)

Steve T. said...

Hahahahahhaha. Pretty hard to not read that as an obvious sign -- clean off your desk? Just kidding. Wow, is all I can say.

Lee Strong said...

I remember back in the early 70s when I was young and even more foolish that I currently am, I was involved with a young woman and her friends who all loved Ayn Rand. They urged me to read her. I read one book, hated it, but enraptured by the young woman, decided to keep going. I started "Atlas Shrugged." One day I had to do some laundry, so I popped the book in my laundry bag with the clothes, then, forgetting the book was in there, just dumped all the clothes in the washer.

When I went to take out the laundry, it was covered with Atlas Pulped.

I took that as a sign.

Gave up on the girl and her friends, too.

They became involved with the Libertarian Party anyway. Shudder.

Tomas said...

You have got to be kidding me. Yes, you have the answer, please throw out all the works of logic and investigation and go on chasing 6-sided snowflakes, creating mysticism and seeking a fate that you are predestined to like a serial cannibal to a death sentence. You are all ungrateful for the design you have now come to understand thanks to your ever indifferent enemy: science.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Tomas...this is a humor blog, man. Breathe.

Tomas said...

lol, good point.