Monday, April 13, 2009

Truth Is Stranger #96: the death of Christianity in Europe, exhibit A

STOCKHOLM - Parishioners at a church in Sweden celebrated Easter on Sunday by unveiling a 1.8-metre-tall statue of Jesus that they had built out of 30,000 Lego blocks.

While I appreciate the accomplishment...this kind of makes felt banners look classy.

Full story here.


sherryantonetti said...

silent screaming in my head.

I can see the organizers thinking, and next year, the full Stations of the Cross!

Jeff Miller said...

Silly parish - he is the LOGOS, not the LEGOS

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Can you imagine how many lego sets they had to purchase so they could pick out enough white blocks to make that statue? Maybe he's filled with all the colored pieces.

Thanks for sharing. Been reading a while, but thought I'd finally say so with a comment.

DimBulb said...

I actually have photos of the church and congregation-it helps explain a lot:

Roz said...

You realize that for this to actually be a sign of the death of Christianity in Europe, it would have to be a statue of a golden calf.

There are so many more awful things they could have been doing with their time, especially in Sweden. I applaud them for this. Just don't do it in my backyard.

Dcn Scott Dodge said...

You say Logos the Swedes say Legos, hey it's close!

As to the calf, wouldn't the closest Lego color be yellow?