Monday, April 06, 2009

What did YOU do this Monday of Holy Week?

First, you woke up, and got really excited about...
a. Traveling with the other diocesan faithful to participate in the Chrism Mass
b. Guessing who was going to throw out the first pitch
c. Wondering if UNC deserved a single digit or double digit point spread over Michigan State

Then, upon reflection, you thought the piece you looked forward to most this week is...
a. The baptism and confirmation of all the RCIA candidates
b. Seeing whether the American League or National League gets busted for steroids first this season
c. The big honking celebration parade in Chapel Hill, y'all

All psyched for the day, you got dressed in...
a. Your Sunday attire
b. The home team's shirt and sweatpants
c. Facepaint

Your favorite part of the festivities Monday was...
a. Well, of course, the Eucharist. But then the reaffirmation of priestly vows
b. Eating the first overpriced hot dog
c. Waiting and watching for a slam dunk this game. You have a 10 spot on it

The most thrilling line was...
a. The Lord be with you!
b. Play ball!
c. #$&%$^%! (probably from Coach Tom Izzo)


tamtam said...

lol!! i don't blame you. i too was thinking about sports yesterday :)

Ryan said...

Woah, woah a current Spartan I contest all of the C can I take this test?!
Honestly, as excited as I was about the game yesterday, as an RCIA sponsor, the real excitement for this week is later.

On another note, your diocese had the Chrism Mass on Monday?

Bro. AJK said...

First: Getting to school to find out classes were cancelled!

Second: Retreat! Easter Break!

Third: Mass in which I didn't have to watch students' behavior!

Fourth: "A bruised reed he shall not break,
and a smoldering wick he shall not quench."

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ryan, sorry man. I'm not a UNC fan, but I thought they were going to dominate--they have with everyone!

Also, yes, my diocese does the Chrism Mass on Monday of Holy Week.

Cookie said...

Um... (c) on all counts? I live in Chapel Hill, I graduated UNC last year, I have a legitimate excuse, right?!??!

For what it's worth, I've been fasting all week, including Monday.

Allen's Brain said...

a) As a substitute teacher, I've been rejoicing that they can't call me in to teach this very busy week. Spring Break, y'know.
b) Triple-checking my shopping list for our Passover seder later this week.
c) Oh look. Baseball... Better than American Idol, anyway...

LarryD said...

Being a Spartan alum, I can tell you what I did on Tuesday of Holy Week....

Susan Johnston said...

Taught the last day of Survey of English Literature II, gesturing broadly in the general direction of post-World War II American literature.

Taught the last day of Methods in Literary History, gesturing broadly in the general direction of the new economic criticism.

Designed the Modernism Unit Test and two exams.

Drove the big one to Girl Guides and the small ones to Brownies.

Picked up the new van.

Picked up the Brownies and the Guide.

Collapsed in front of two episodes of season four of House, M.D.

Does it count if I wished very hard all day I'd been at the Chrism Mass?

Going Green Mama said...

You know, God loves everyone, even Roy Williams fans. :-)

Great blog...Just found you al!