Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Cry For Help

...I know, I know, the whole blog stands as such.

That said, if you want to vote for for the IC blog in the Cannonball Awards (Most Hifreakinhilarious and Best Armchair Theologian...?....), head over to the Crescat's blog.  Apparently you can vote every day (whee!), thereby adding rich, dark chocolate mousse quality meaning to your life.

I'm still catching up from the trainwreck called "this semester."  Oh, and as the national ersatz voice of moral sanity, and self-appointed leader of Mad Pregnant Theologians for Life, thinking about creating an alternative Notre Dame Commencement Address for people to have on their IPod.  You know, if you wanted to check in later this week.

Left: The "cry for help" or the Notre Dame administration, reacting to news of my upcoming tribute.  Your pick.

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