Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Grading and Nothingness (with apologies to Sartre)

"Hell is other people"--Jean Paul Sartre

"Hell is other papers"--the Ironic Catholic

This... is what grading does to me.

I'll stop channeling Jean Paul Sartre (and blog something funny) when 95% of my grades are in: Wednesday at High Noon.


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Helen said...

"to do is to be" --Nietsche
"to be is to do"--Kant
"do be do be do"--Sinatra

I love that quote.

Renzo said...

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The Cellarer said...

Have you tried;

Placing papers to be graded at top of stairs.

Kicking aforementioned papers down stairs

Awarding grades on basis of distance travelled down stairs.

Works a treat!

Socratic Catholic said...

have you read his Being and Nothingness or No Exit where that quote came from?

Scarlett said...

If the college professor bloggers stop blogging during finals because they have to grade papers, what are the college student (well, grad student) blog readers supposed to do to procrastinate when they don't want to write papers?

Galactic Catholic said...

You just need a contraption that reads everything for theological rubricacle soundness. I think they call it a 'TA'

The Ironic Catholic said...

Helen--hee hee

Cellarer--I still have some standards. Plus that method makes a royal mess. Not that I'd know from experience.

Socratic--haven't read them in many, many years....

Scarlett--Ironic, yes? ;)

Galactic--tell me about it!

Scarlett said...

Wait! Don't tell me you're aiming for irony at this site!