Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Post Wherein She Explains The Lack Of Original Posts

  1. The whole Obama/Notre Dame "who the he%& are we as Church in the USA?" fallout has me down, dooby doo, down down...comma comma
  2. Did I mention I'm pregnant and feel, well, pregnant? Have YOU tried to be funny while pregnant?
  3. It's May, and I'm a recovering college professor. 'Nuff said
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to glide through the economic depression with only a moderate level of debt. That requires taking on some extra projects. I know, nothing amusing there. Sorry.
  5. I'm going to Lake Superior! Tent camping! While pregnant! With three small kids! ...I've clearly lost my sanity, but I'll partake of some great scenery in the process. Plus I'm camping on the Baptism River...I kid you not. "Ironic," indeed. (photo credit)
  6. You know, there is a lot of excellent material out there, so isn't it my Christian duty to point you toward it? Right? Part of the whole humility thing?
  7. Define "original". Is there any original material out there, anymore? Aren't we all just rehashing jokes and amusement from the 3rd century at this point?
  8. Jesus said, "Pray always." Not "Blog always."
  9. All those readings from Acts this time of year are making me feel like a total slacker. How can I do original blogging when Paul and Barnabas and Silas and Peter make me look like Catholic Milquetoast?
  10. OK, there some truth in all of those, but here's the real reason for a while--I'm writing some new "never seen" pieces for The Ironic Catholic Book. And obviously, trying to think up a better title for it.
Yes, after a lovely discussion with Meredith, I think I'm going to try to do a "Best of the Ironic Catholic" Kindle book for the beaucoup bucks she promised it would make me. (laughing hysterically, wiping away tears) Nah, its mostly for fun. This blog is a release, pure and simple. It needs to stay that way or I stop.

So, I will continue to post "Truth Is Stranger" posts, some caption contests, and maybe hyper-topical stuff, but I'm going to try to save the fake news/satire pieces for the book. For a short time.


P.s. If you tweet a book, is it a beet?


Galactic Catholic said...

This is hilarious! But about no. 8, the Living Way translation tells me differently...

Roz said...

I camped while pregnant, but not with three short people. Please tell me you won't be sleeping on the ground.

Tim said...

P.s. If you tweet a book, is it a beet?And if the combination of a skirt and shorts is a skort, why isn't the combination of shorts and a skirt a shirt?

Meredith Gould said...

Beaucoup bucks. Irony or pregnancy-induced dementia? And camping...like outdoors? I will pray for you.

Anonymous said...


I don't watch your blogspot for the original humor, although that can be good, too. I think you're providing a service by finding other funny stuff for me and connecting me up to it. I know it's natural for a Catholic to feel guilty, but please don't feel guilty when you don't do original humor.