Monday, June 01, 2009

On Hiatus (well, re-runs).

After a fair amount of thought, I'm putting this blog on hiatus for a month (until July 5).  There are practical reasons: I'll be gone camping (!) part of June, working on a couple of other projects, and teaching in an intensive masters program another two weeks.  But beyond that, honestly, I'm treating this break as a spiritual exercise.  Is this blog getting in the way of more important things (God? Prayer? Relationships?).  I am going to pre-set re-runs to post twice a week.  So you are warned: warmed over IC coming up.

My husband wants to run a baby naming contest (I'm not yet convinced), so maybe a poll will be coming too.

If I get the urge to write, it will go in the upcoming (?) IC book.

The image at right is to remind folks that June is a month that honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the month of compassion and love.  It is one of my favorite devotions.  So I encourage everyone to pray that we can all mirror Jesus Christ's love and compassion.  ...Now that's a few minutes perfectly spent.


LarryD said...

See you in a month! Enjoy the time off.

angelmeg said...

O please let us name your baby!