Friday, June 12, 2009

Repeat #4: The Top 100 Ironic Reasons to be Catholic

You can follow the link to them all here.  Start at the bottom of the page to read them in order.

A sampling:

87. The words "clown" and "eucharist" are never mentioned in the same sentence.
86. We cannot use 
chrism as chapstick without consequences.
85. We're the big boy (and girl) theologians: we use dead languages in our universities, seminaries, and major documents. And, frankly, 
we don't care if you don't understand it.
84. NCAA Basketball: Catholics universities consistently 
kick state school butt.
83. Orange is not a liturgical color in the Catholic Church.
82. No other Christian communion gets to 
bury a statue and pray to sell a house.

(#23, picture left)

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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Yay! Thanks for bringing this up again... I was just reflecting on how much the non-Catholics miss out on. ;)