Thursday, July 23, 2009

Humor bloggy news

Joel's comment on the sign at right: No wonder I keep sneezing; I'm allergic to myself.
  1. An ode to Crummy Church Signs. Joel is packing in the towel on that blog, which is a real favorite of mine...sniff sniff. Thanks for all the great humor, Joel; you definitely appealed to my style of snark! He's keeping the 1000+ truly awful church signs up on that site, though, so if you need a fix, go through the archives, or buy his book (proceeds go to charity and everything!). And do go check out Joel's new passion--he's a musician and you can check him out at "Sinai Alliance". CCS has all the details.
  2. Speaking of humor blogs, the "Ecumenical Unity in Humor: EUH" sidebar at the left has been updated a bit. I lost the list when sic gave me my very own URL for my birthday (so special!), and have just now gotten around to fixing it up. There are a number of Catholic humorous bloggers not on there. Please don't read anything into that. The thing is, there aren't a lot of Catholic bloggers doing all humor all the time (serious lot that we are), and I'm trying to keep that list about Christian blogs doing at least 50% humor. Some of your favorites may be in "The Last Shall Be First" column below it. It's a work of discernment, people. I'm doing my best.
  3. Fellow humor blogger Diesel of Mattress Police is publishing a book called Mercury Falls, and is trying to build an interest list (not a committment list!). He's a very funny writer and was in the running for the big time 2008 Weblog Awards for humor blogging. I encourage you to check the site out and consider adding your name to the list.

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