Thursday, July 23, 2009

Truth is Stranger #100 (!) : "Flu Triggers Hugs in British Churches"

LONDON (AFP) – Some British parishioners are being advised to hug rather
than shake hands "as a sign of peace" in measures by churches to try to stop the
spread of swine flu, a report said Wednesday.

The Church of England has introduced the measure in its Southwark diocese in southeast London as concerns mount about the spead of swine flu in Britain, the Financial Times said.

More here. And a truly worthy "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" #100.


Joanna said...

I would have thought getting close enough to people to hug them would have been just as bad as shaking hands when it comes to disease transmission. Unless it is one of those weird side hugs- you probably couldn't transmit anything through one of those!

Anonymous said...

In our parish we only smile, wave, or bow to others during the sign of peace.
We find this preferable to the hugging, gladhanding, pew jumping, cocktail party atmosphere of before.
Even during a horrible flu scare some good is extracted.

Vicky said...

ahahahahahahahahaha Living in London and in the diocese of Southwark I can only agree that sometimes they do make very strange requests...