Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Truth Is Stranger #99: "Game Show Looks To Convert Atheists"

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – What happens when you put a Muslim imam, a Christian priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk in a room with 10 atheists?

[Sounds like the beginning of a truly bad joke. oh wait....]

Turkish television station Kanal T hopes the answer is a ratings success as it prepares to launch a gameshow where spiritual guides from the four faiths will seek to convert a group of non-believers.

The prize for converts will be a pilgrimage to a holy site of their chosen religion -- Mecca for Muslims, the Vatican for Christians, Jerusalem for Jews and Tibet for Buddhists.

There are so many things wrong with this I don't know where to start, but if you have safely eaten and digested breakfast, more here.


Amanda said...

Weird! You just can't make up that sort of thing. Nobody would believe it.

DMinor said...

Did the Satanists strike back with "Let's make a deal . . . with the Devil!"

This show appears to be to religion what "the Bachelor" is to marriage. Just goes to show that lack of taste (and respect, etc) is not uniquely American.