Monday, August 17, 2009

Scenes from the IC home

(Backstory: sic--Spouse of the Ironic Catholic--just got back from a very good retreat experience.)

IC: (Tired and grateful that sic is doing the second batch of dishes from dinner) You're such a good person. Thank you.

sic: Honey, it is no longer I who wash dishes, but Christ who washes dishes in me.


Paul Cat said...

Hmmmm a divine kitchen sink. Interesting. I suppose it points to the deiafication of humanity or being collaborators with God.

roz said...

I set up a post "category" on my blog for things like this: "That's so on the blog!"

Steve T. said...

Oh my, I think he's lived with you too long. lol Also, those retreats, they will get ya thinking. Just call him Br. Lawrence.