Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Twitter-Bible, Part II

(Picture right: That ain't the Holy Spirit, folks.)

Deuteronomy: "I fought the Law, and the Law won." Altogether now!

Jeremiah: Stop it, Judah! Stop it! STOP IT! (gnashing of teeth) Told you.

Hosea: Go-Go Gomer the Good Time Girl? G_d, have You lost it? Apparently, yes.


(Just got back from retreating. More later. Thanks for starting this, sic!)

p.s. kudos to my favorite reader-submitted one so far:

Roz: Psalms: You are wonderful, alleluia. I am scum, alleluia anyway. I'm in trouble, help me. You helped me and the wicked rot. Alleluia.


Dcn Scott Dodge said...

As long as I Fought the Law and the Law Won is the Clash version, I'm cool with it!

RAKSTAR said...

This is hilarious...I love it!

etherealyric said...

Boaz is hot. Think I’ll uncover his feet. Merriment – and marryment – ensues.